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Durga Prasad has contributed to the success of thousands of Students in JEE(IIT),AIEEE,SAT, and AP Physics Exams in the last 23 years.

Many students got admission into top US Universities Purdue,MIT,Princeton etc.

Many students got very good ranks such as AIR-1,4,7,9.

He has M.Sc degree in Nuclear Physics from Andhra University (1991)

Durga Prasad(DP)




Anoop Vallabhajosyula


AIR 67, JEE (ADV) 2015

I studied physics under Durga Prasad Sir in my JEE preparation. DP sir used to give us organised lectures followed up with good practice problems covering different methods of applying the concepts taught. It helped me understand the concept clearly and the follow-up problems improved my physics problem solving. His methods of teaching physics has helped me a lot in the final JEE-Advanced exam.

Santosh T.Y.S.S


AIR 362, JEE(ADV) 2015

DP Sir is the best as he brought the best in me. When I joined my class 11, I am really afraid whether I can clear JEE. At the end of my 2 years I happened to be the best in physics in which I was weakest in my beginning. Physics used to be night mare for me turned into a fascinating one as he used to make us understand physics.It is not at all an exaggeration to say I would not have entered IIT without him not only subject but also the motivation during my difficult times in those two years

K.Sanju Prabhath Reddy


AIR 455, JEE(ADV) 2015.

Durga Prasad (DP) sir is doubtlessly one of the best teachers I have ever known. His Unique way of teaching Physics makes it so simple.

His way of teaching goes like this, explanation of concept clearly and hands on practice immediately so that the concept sinks in. His collection of problems serve the purpose of clearing any doubts regarding the concept and lay basics for further practice.

I could gladly say he has been a major part in me getting such a rank in JEE.

Rithvik Patibandla


AIR 667, JEE(ADV) 2015

Durga Prasad sir, or DP sir as we used to call him, is one of the finest teachers who has ever taught me. But one of the most striking qualities he has is the grip on the subject and the clarity with which he delivers lectures. He is an excellent Lecturer.Sir will teach only what is necessary. Following Sir's lectures and worksheets is more than enough to score well in the exam. And not just teaching, he gave me very valuable advice regarding my career choices and I'm happy to have taken his advice.

Brahmendra Reddy Yatham


IIT-JEE 2011 AIR-705

Durga Prasad Sir taught me Physics during my JEE preparation.All I had to do for Physics in my JEE preparation was pay attention to what he says and refer to his notes later,once in a while.This facilitated in spending more time on other subjects and it turned out to be fruitful.Because of him I have a clear understanding of basic Physics concepts and it helped me a lot in my engineering studies as well.I am grateful and indebted to him for being my teacher.

Sravya Jangareddy


IIT-JEE 2011 AIR-745

I was a student under Prof Durga Prasad for Physics.He was one of the best lecturers who ever taught me. Prof Durga Prasad has the capability to break down even the most difficult concepts into simpler chunks and make them much easier to understand. I had wonderful time learning Physics under Prof Durga Prasad Sir and I am grateful to him for making an apparently complex subject like Physics fun to learn!

Praneeth Kumar Chakravarthula

IIT- MADRAS (2011-15)

IIT-JEE 2011 AIR- 802

Durga Prasad Sir is definitely one of the best teachers of JEE Physics.He has his own style of making even extremely difficult concepts simpler to understand.His class material consist of as many examples as there are concepts ,covering almost all possible models of questions one can expect in any competitive exam..He is an excellent teacher and I am always greatful to him

Rajat Tiwari


IIT-JEE 2011 AIR-2197

First of all I would like to thank my Sir, Durga Prasad Sir who made me today and because of whom am best at what I do ( Engineering).My success in IIT-JEE let you all know how a teacher with sheer discipline can be your Guru Dronacharya and turn you into Arjun (Reffering Mahabharat). It was only due to his examples i can say i was able to score 75/80 in first paper of JEE.All I want to say is Durga Prasad sir is one of the best in the country that we have as a teacher…

Karri Krishna Teja



During my JEE preparation,irrespective of the book I refer,Durga Prasad Sir’s notes was the best reference for better understanding of basic concepts.How hard the problem is, it becomes so easy and direct to solve it by his methods.The beauty of his teaching is how he takes us to challenging concepts layer by layer from basic level. . Blessed to have him as our Physics Lecturer.

M.Shravan Kumar

Studied under him in 2009-10

(Alumni-Nit Warangal), AIR AIEEE:878


Durga Prasad Sir (or v used to call him DP Sir) is an amazing physics lecturer.He makes us understand the actual physics first and then tackles problems using mathematics of it.One of the primary reasons physics was my favourite subject was because of his teaching style.

Sneha Sindhu

BITS-Pilani (2011-15)

This is Sneha, a student of BITS-Pilani. I was a student of Durga Prasad Sir in my 11th and 12th.Honestly,he is the best physics lecturer I’ve been taught by.I never liked physics and found it really tough.But he made it very easy to understand and explained things very well.He is very enthusiastic about teaching and we students got involved in the class constantly.I wouldn’t have conquered physics without his help.Thanks a lot Sir!

Sai Teja Chukka

IIT,MADRAS (2015-19)

An awesome approach towards concepts helping to grasp them in less time which is basic requirement of jee.DP Sir's teaching induces us to think about a topic in detail. The collection of problems taught in class are excellent as we can grasp entire theory of particular topic in one single model. Thank you for your teachings once more Sir, Hope your blessings will be with us all the time.

Ramnath Vijaykumar Pillai

IIT-GUWAHATI (2011-15)

Durga Prasad Sir is the MOST organised Physics teacher I have ever had in my life and has the ability to make everyone in class understand and master all the necessary skills for JEE.Initially I don’t know what an infinitesimal element is.After my coaching of merely 6 months, I was able to score an excellent in physics.He is a GUARANTEE for an excellent score in physics if you do his “model problems” devotedly

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